Cabs, exterior

Cabs, exterior

Cabs for all requirements.

With its 2300 mm wide cab, the Arocs offers excellent overall visibility and simple, precise handling in all typical construction-related applications. The staircase-type entrance makes work easier, as does the ergonomic layout of the controls. In addition, L-cabs of 2500 mm in width are available for on-road- and comfort-oriented applications.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Robust cabs tailored exactly to your needs
  • Two cab widths and three cab lengths
  • Engine tunnel in two different heights with 2300 mm-wide cabs: 170 mm and 320 mm
  • A range of engine tunnel variants are available, as is a level floor
  • Pivoting entry step, flexible in lengthways and crossways directions
  • Three-piece bumper with steel corners for protection against damage
  • Optional grab bar on roof for a firm grip when climbing to check the vehicle load
  • Optional special protective features, e.g. for headlamps, radiator, engine, main tank
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Roof handrail135The optionally available grab rail on the roof makes inspecting the tipper body more convenient and safer. The step integrated into the side wall or rear wall of the various cab variants provides a sure footing for doing so.

With the Arocs, every detail is precisely designed to meet the requirements of a construction site – from high ground clearance to the pivoting entry step, which is flexibly mounted in both longitudinal and lateral directions, right up to the handrail on the roof. Simply the maximum functionality in tandem with impressive robustness. This is made clear by the design with bucket tooth look on the front and grooved exterior mirror trims. And this is consistently continued, for example, with the comfort cab mount109 or the option of 10 tonnes of front axle load and customised cabs. Not to mention the three-part bumper with steel corners, which also protects the headlights from damage.

To ensure a high degree of resistance, the Arocs is equipped with special protective features for special tasks. These include the protective plate for the radiator and engine242 for steel-sprung vehicles and the optionally available protective plate for the main tank. Steel grilles for the headlamps and a cover to protect the major components from bulk materials are also available as special fittings. The optional road construction package provides another example of the excellent adaptability of the Arocs to the job at hand. Everything to avoid unnecessary damage and repair costs.

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